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Learn about the current and upcoming hair trends from Head of Education and Visuals, Ruby Byrne.

Why a course in Hair Trends?

Just like the fashion industry, hair trends change throughout the years. 

And just like a fashion lover,  it is crucial for some clients to be kept up to date with what is trending in the hair-styling world. 

One of the finest tasks that you have as a hairdresser is advising your clients when they have questions regarding hairstyles.

Therefore, you should take grab this option to take this online course in Hair Colour Trends 2022/23, where the UK Educator Ruby Byrne will give you her view on the current and upcoming hair trends. 

After the pandemic

It is more important than ever for your clients to express themselves.

After two years the pandemic is finally turning away from the scene – and people need to get out of the caves they call home.

The hair trends of 22/23 are at most a direct reflection of the mood of the times where most clients couldn’t wait to break out of the pandemic at-home situation, wanting to express themselves fully. 

Take this course to find out which exact hair trends are going to rule the post-pandemic scene of 22/23.  

What to expect 

The NATULIQUE UK Educator Ruby Byrne will guide you through the trends of 22/23, and will cover both hair techniques, colours and cuts. 

The course is broken into five lessons:

  • What’s changed?
  • Trending sectioning techniques
  • Biggest colour trends
  • Multi-tonal brunettes
  • Haircuts to compliments hair colour trends 

Take a course in Hair Trends, today 

This quick, informative, and online course will give you an updated view on trends for 22/23 and will come in handy the next time you have a client asking for what’s trending now. 

Take the course today and use your new knowledge tomorrow!