Miluska Braat

Miluska Braat

NATULIQUE ́s International Educator

Miluska is a highly talented hairdresser and NATULIQUE´s international educator. She travels the world teaching hairdressers how to make sustainable creativity™ come alive using NATULIQUE’s products and the finest techniques.

Her incredible journey started right after she finished her hairdresser education in the Netherlands, her home country. With a women and men styling certification in her hands, Miluska immediately started working in a hair salon when she was only 18 years old.

Having a self-improving and ambitious mindset lead her to manage a hair salon just a few years after she started her craft. In each hair salon she worked, more responsibility and a higher function would be assigned to her.

After a couple of years managing a hair salon, Miluska rencountered an old friend who proposed to her a new challenge: working with her in a high-end hair salon. She said yes, and ended up becoming the owner of that very same salon for almost 10 years.

Suddenly, everything changed and Miluska decided that her professional path had to change too. The route seemed to be pointing to a completely new adventure: education. From the moment she became an educator, Miluska knew she had a mission: to always raise professionals to a higher level.

While working as an educator across all of Europe, Miluska also had the opportunity to access the backstage of TV shows and fashion productions. Having to move in these creatively and technically demanding scenarios, made Miluska grow and become the distinct hairdresser she is today.

Fifteen years have passed since Miluska started working as an educator, and it was a decision she never regretted. For a year, she even tried to work with sales, but she rapidly realized it was not making her eyes shine. Although this was only a transitional stage, she learned a lot and still uses her sales experience nowadays in her training sessions.

Throughout the years and the different professional roles that Miluska embraced, she was always mindful of the impact that hair products have on her clients’ health and on the planet. Therefore, she experimented with several organic hair product brands but always struggled to reach an excellent end result.

One day, through a friend’s suggestion Miluska, tried NATULIQUE´s products, and she was amazed. It was love at first sight! Miluska realized that it was possible to achieve perfect looks, without compromising the client’s health or the environment.

From that moment on, everything else came naturally. Miluska met Netherlands’ NATULIQUE distributor, and she was asked to write down training on how to use our hair colours. Then, Stig, one of our founders, got to know her and invited her to give her first training session in Romania. And she had never stopped since then!

Nowadays, Miluska is NATULIQUE´s international educator, she travels the world to share her knowledge and experience with hairdressers from all corners of the planet. She says that education is what makes her blood run faster! She loves to get to know and to learn with each and every professional she meets during her training.

When asked about her favourite thing about NATULIQUE, Miluska states that it is impossible to point just one, but the family spirit that resides in our core values and can be felt from the moment you step in, is what steals her heart every time!